Leiden Pride proudly organises events for the LGBTQI+ community in and around Leiden, The Netherlands.

After years of events, hangout sessions, events, movie nights, karaoke, friendships, and efforts by countless volunteers from the community, Leiden Pride is sadly saying goodbye as an organisation. Read on for more information about the new queer social spaces on WhatsApp/Discord and the groups in Leiden/The Hague. For an overview of Leiden Pride’s history and timeline please check the about page.


It has been tough to manage an official queer non-profit, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of the community. We appreciate the efforts and sacrifices of all the members and volunteers who went through this journey with us throughout the years. We are very proud to have contributed to the realization of the first Queer Pride March in Leiden, after 40 years without a demonstration! Leiden Pride has also pushed the authoritarian and obsolete rules of the Plexus administration, forcing it to adopt safer and more respectful standards. This accomplishment will remain for the queer organisations to come. Thank you to those who put in the energy and time besides your other full-time engagements, and made this happen. 


As organizers we have always been committed to lead our community with honesty and intent. This is why we would also like to share some reflections about the struggles we have encountered while engaging with the Leiden Pride crowd. What follows is not a moralizing message, or an accusation, but we hope that will spark reflections and growth in what will come after Leiden Pride. We belong to a moment, after all, and so even though Leiden Pride will cease to exist, the queer movement must continue to thrive and fight for us all!


In the last year, what we have found very hard to accomplish with Leiden Pride is continuity. We are sorry for having failed at providing our community with regular events and a stable place to meet and call home, to call “community”. Throughout 2021 and 2022, we have seen people joining on the organizing side with great enthusiasm, but probably not enough willingness to commit and put in the hard work that it takes to nurture a space like ours. To be an organizer isn’t only fun, at least in the short run: It takes time, sacrifices, conflicts, and quite some boring office work too. Same goes with joining a new community: It’s frightening at first. But all of this is ultimately in return of long-lasting deep connections with the people and the places you finally feel belonging to and fighting for. “Revolution is not a one time event.” (Audre Lorde), so give it the time and dedication it needs to flourish, instead of giving in to the superficial satisfaction of consumerism.


Stay, ground yourself, and grow with those around you, centering education, honesty and responsibility. 

Love and Rage, the Board of Leiden Pride




Here is some practical information:


What will happen to Leiden Pride’s funds?

We are very happy to see and support the new organisations that have been empowered to gradually emerge in the last years. As part of this, we are donating our remaining funds to fellow ANBI stichting Colored Qollective. They are from Utrecht and they provide a safe(r) space by and for queer people of colour. 


What will happen to WhatsApp/Discord? 

The online social groups, like WhatsApp and Discord, will be turned into a casual social space for the queer people of Leiden to chat and easily hangout with each other in real life. We will be making some people who are known to us admins for these queer hangouts groups. If you would also like to help coordinate either the WhatsApp or Discord group, let us know, and we can make you admin there as well. Be mindful of who you are inviting into this queer space before sharing the link.


What will happen to Instagram/FB?

The Instagram/FB page will stay open for archival purposes. If you have any interest in the resources that we created so far, please drop us an email at


Which queer social spaces do you recommend in the area?

If you are looking for other spaces to join here are two from Leiden/The Hague that we recommend:

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