Leiden Pride ANBI information

Last updated 2020-07-04

Leiden Pride is part of Stichting Leiden Pride, also known as Leiden University Pride. Our organisation was founded on 8 November, 2011, and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 53963873.

RSIN: 851092810

Kaiserstraat 25
2311 GN Leiden


As described formally in our statutes, we aim to contribute the LGBTQI+ community and general society by: 

  • Bringing together the LGBTQI+ community;
  • Positively contributing to the enrichment and diversity of the LGBTQI+ community;
  • Promoting the safety and integration of members of the LGBTQI+ community in The Netherlands and elsewhere in the world.
To achieve these goals we organise — among other things — social and educative events, both in-person and online. From lectures to parties, from movie nights to workshops. When we say “community” we are, of course, talking about the community in Leiden, but certainly also outside of it. Among our regular attendees we have people from many other places within and without the Netherlands.

Jonas Carinhas (chairperson)
Diogo Caldeira Pires (vice-chairperson)
Andreia Mirabela Nestian (secretary)
Renzo Rozenbroek (treasurer)
Esmée van der Lem
Joey Tol
Anna Vink

Remuneration policy

Our board and team members do not receive any remuneration for their activities. Our statutes allow for a small meeting attendence fee to be paid up to a certain legal limit, but as we are a small non-profit foundation, this is not currently relevant.

We do reimburse expenses made on behalf of Leiden Pride. E.g. event expenses, travel costs.

In the last year we have organised, on average, two to three events every month. Most of these events were social events — like drinks, karaoke, parties — with a number of educational events sprinkled throughout — like our lectures on queer linguistics and politics, and the Pride Talks event in cooperation with the Leiden University LGBT+ Network.

With the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we quickly started looking for ways to bring our events and our community online. We have done this through using Discord as a platform for communications, in addition to our WhatsApp groups, where we have hosted movie nights, a book club, and a social gaming club.

An overview of the specifics of these events can be found on our Facebook page.

Our financial result for 2019 was -€186.65, meaning that incomes did not compensate completely for expenses. However, this is mostly due to the decision to keep our events accessible and not charge any entree fee for the symposium. The equity of the foundation is not at risk, with the balance on 31 December 2019 still being significant at €356.79. For 2020, the goal is to generate more income out of sponsorship and donations.

Balance 31 December 2019
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