person of colour sits in nature, text saying "LGBTQ+ and climate activism - an infographic series"

LGBTQ+ & Climate Activism

In our blog posts and at our events, we often delve into the discrimination we face as a community. We are very aware of the importance of intersectionality in that debate, but one thing that is not often looked at is the intersection between the harm that LGBTQ+ individuals face as a result of the climate crisis. So we asked ourselves the question: How do queer/LGBTQ+ issues intersect with the climate emergency? And why should the two movements be united?

In the second infographic we delve further into the topic, exploring what we as LGBTQ+ folk can contribute to the climate revolution.

How do LGTBQ+ issues intersect with the climate emergency?

Why should the two movements be united? You can find a transcription of this infographic and the sources for our statements below the images.


  1. Social structures and institutions impair and harm LGBTQ+ folks. During natural disasters and global crises, like COVID-19, the social and economic disparities that make our communities vulnerable are worsened by the consequences of the global pandemic. This structural violence is further magnified by its intersectionality with race, ethnicity, social class, and disability.
  2. When compared to their cishet peers, queer folks are much more likely to: 
    • Experience unemployment, poverty, homelessness, and have no basic necessities during a crisis. 
    • Lack adequate medical care and be at greater risk of physical and psychological health complications. 
    • Be isolated from their community, which is in some cases the only source of support, acceptance, and love.
  3. The climate crisis will have a very similar impact on our community and will see us marginalised even further. It is a threat to human rights, and any threat to human rights is a threat to LGBTQ+ rights.
  4. As a community, we know discrimination and we know violence. But we also know how to unite and how to stand up against injustice. The first step is to be informed.

Our to-do list in 2021:

  • Recognise the climate crisis as a human rights problem – as your problem. Leave both toxic positivity & doomscrolling in 2020.
  • Educate yourself on how this crisis impacts marginalised communities across the world, and how it intersects with racism, sexism, and ableism. Consume content created by those most impacted:
    1. Indigenousclimateaction
    2. chicksforclimate
    3. rememberwhomadethem
    4. mothersinvent
    5. re.earthorg
    6. climate_science
    7. ourplanet_eu
  • Talk to others and build community – if you’re feeling anxious, you’re not alone. Coming together and taking action towards systemic change can help overcome feelings of hopelessness.
  • Take a breath. There’s work to do but we’re here for you.


LGTQB+ folks and the climate revolution: what can we do?

You can find a transcription of this infographic and the sources for our statements below the images.


  1. Our community has long recognised that different human struggles are connected to capitalism and colonialism. This system we live in isn’t broken, though. It was built to operate this way. Through our support of climate justice we recognise that these same forces which have rewarded conformity and punished sexual and gender diversity have also brought on the climate crisis. The devastating consequences of which intersect with all struggles on our blue planet.
  2. If we don’t want the necessary climate revolution to simply reproduce the forms of exploitation that we experience under the current system, we need to unite and bring attention to queer issues and liberation from within the climate movement. 

    We are a community of survivors, we’re resilient, compassionate, and have so much to offer. Queer activists all over the globe are already mobilising their communities to address climate justice. We must also do our part in the Netherlands.
  3. In this country, we have the right to contest behaviour that is not serving us and our future. Such as the Dutch government’s consistent failure to commit to their explicit duty to protect our human rights in the face of climate change:
    • Continued complicity in the violation of our human right to life and the right to family life
    • Suspension of critical air pollution measures in favour of lobbying
    • Inaction towards the 2020 emissions cut target 
  4. The more we recognise the connections between our struggles, and the more we work together, the louder our collective voice will be. Help us build solidarity.
    • 25-02-2021 | 20:00-21:30 @ Zoom call
      LGBTQ+ and Activism workshop: How queer activism can help combat the climate crisis.
      By Leiden Pride, Extinction Rebellion, Voor14.
    • 14-03-2021 | RIVM compliant in your area or online
      Klimaatalarm 2021: The largest climate march in history.
      By De Goede Zaak, Oxfam Novib, Greenpeace, Code Rood, Milieudefensie, Extinction Rebellion, Woonbond, Fossielvrij NL, Grootouders voor het Klimaat, and Fridays For Future.


What about you? What do you feel you can do to help out the climate? Check out for more info on the Klimaatalarm taking place a few days before the election. Also keep an eye out on our social media channels for more info on the exciting activism workshop hosted by us in collaboration with Extinction Rebellion and Voor14 right here in Leiden!