Meet the new LUPBloggers

Welcome at the start of our new blog series, everyone!

As of this semester, LUPride will begin regularly updating our blog! Stay tuned for some interesting, thought-provoking and/or fun blog posts from our two resident bloggers. So without further ado, let’s introduce them and let them explain what they plan to publish for us!

Tiaan Westenberg – Politics and Current Affairs, Pop Culture and Representation, Local News and Events, Miscellaneous Series, Recommendations, Academic

Hi everyone, I’m Tiaan, one of the new bloggers for LUPride. Some of you may know me from LUP’s events as I’ve been secretary since June 2017 and vice-chair since January 2018. While I will still fullfil my role as vice-chair, I’m delighted and honoured to take on this new task of generating content for the LUP blog!

As I studied Political Science for my Masters at Leiden University, my posts will focus on ‘Politics and Current Affairs’, both on LGBTQ+ topics but also from an LGBTQ+ perspective. Things like the use of referendums to decide on LGBTQ+ rights, the recent Nashville declaration here in the Netherlands and the horrendous persecution of LGBTQ+ persons in Chechnya all fall under my scope. But I will also try to keep things light occasionally.

Kirsten and I will also be sharing the responsibility of writing about queer popular culture and representation. Do queer performers need to perform queer roles in order to be considered true representation and what does yaoi/ manga tell us about LGBTQ+ acceptance in Japanese popular culture are examples of things you can expect from us! In addition, we will be writing academic-style posts, using and highlighting researchers, professors and other professionals active in studying LGBTQ+ related topics.

I am also planning on doing an interview series where I meet with professionals in a variety of fields and talk to them about what it is like being queer and doing what they do. I think we could all benefit from the experiences of people like this for when we all (eventually) enter the job market.

And finally, you can expect lots of recommednations from us, for books, series, movies, music and other forms of entertainment. I have recently started devouring queer Young Adult books and can’t help but wish that books like these were around when I was growing up. SO to make up for that, I plan on reading as many as I can and reviewing them so that hopefully you or others are able to discover similar inspiring, validating and heart-warming entertainment.

That is it for now! I hope you are looking as forward to this as we are! Keep an eye out for the first posts, which should be published around the start of the new semester!

Love is love is love.

Tiaan Westenberg  

Kirsten de Mare – Culture And History, Linguistics, Pop Culture and Representation, Local News and Events, Miscellaneous Series, Recommendations, Academic

I’m Kirsten, one of the bloggers of LUPride. Some of you might already know me, as I’ve been with LUPride for quite a while now! During my time with this amazing organization, I’ve been translator, vice chair, chair, vacation blogger and now I will start as a regular blogger. Apart from loving to write stuff about things I find interesting (knitting, writing, miniatures, reading, nature, travelling…) I’m also a research master student in Linguistics. So you can expect a lot of linguistic themed posts from me! For example, what do they mean with people ‘talking gay’? And what happens when a language doesn’t have gender specific pronouns? Do they indeed not run into difficulties when addressing non-binary people?

I’ll also write about history and (pop) culture. Among other things, I’ll look into the history of LGBT+ emancipation in the Netherlands, talk about the representation of our community in Japanese manga and anime and investigate the concept of gender in different cultures. Together, Tiaan and I will do recommendations on series, movies and books that might be interesting to read as an LGBT+ person. It’s often difficult to find good stories or information on certain topics (coming out, LGBT+ parenting, etc.) focussed on our community and we hope these reviews and recommendations will make life a little easier.

Because there’s a lot of people doing research on LGBT+ related topics these days and as there’s many openly LGBT+ people in very visible positions, we’re also going to do interviews. If you’ve been to our events last year, you’ll probably know that we did a series of lectures themed ‘A Day in a Queer Life’. It will be a bit like that. Let us know if you know anyone interesting we can interview for this series!

If there’s a topic we haven’t named yet, and you really want to know more about the topic or just don’t want to do the research yourself, let us know in the comments and we’ll see if we can write about it in the future!

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