What is gender?

Gender is a fluid, transparent, and complex concept. Misconceptions are brought to the table and often we find people in our own communities putting us in a “box”. Leiden University Pride embraces the opportunities to sit and listen to each one’s story. We ask how gender is defined to you. Because no one should be put into a category. LUPride is proud to put together a platform for our brothers, sisters, and everyone in between.

Leiden University Pride and the Amnesty International Student Group present the first ever Symposium on Gender Diversity! Together we will explore all facets of male, female, everything in between, and everything you ever wanted to know about gender. Please join us on Saturday, April 29th at 12:00PM as we celebrate the beautiful spectrum of human experience by listening to different stories and perspectives on gender. The day program (FREE entrance!) will include lectures from academics, life stories, spoken word performance, and more. A special dinner menu will be offered at de Hooykist and an evening program organized by Vrijplaats and Theatre Generator will follow.

Get your RSVP for the Gender Diversity Symposium and Dinner at de Hooykist at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gender-diversity-symposium-tickets-34026797066?aff=efbevent


If you attend the Gender Diversity Symposium, you can attend the evening program at the Vrijplaats for a total of €8.50 a ticket.

Day guests can get this discount by buying their ticket on Eventbrite via onprobationlgbtq.eventbrite.nl and using the coupon code: GENDERDIVERSITY

Limited discounted prices are available!

So what does gender mean to you? We look forward to hearing from you at the Gender Diversity Symposium!

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